Frequently Asked Questions

Menu and ingredients

What's Birria?

Birria is an authentic Mexican Flavor born out hanger. Our Birria is made with beef. We cook our meat on the stove top for 4-5 hours until meat falls off the bone. Birria is tender and juicy, infused with flavorful chillies and Mexican spices. Birria is a total flavor bomb!🔥

Is Birria spicy?

No, it’s not spicy, people of any age can eat it, even kids :)

What’s consomé?

Birria consomé is the broth that we get after cooking the meat. We serve consomé on the side with Crispy Quesabirria tacos so you can dip your tacos in consomé and experience real authentic flavor. Or you can order a full size of consomé with shredded meat and warm tortillas

What’s Quesabirria?

It’s a real fire in your mouth, no words to explain - just try it 🔥

What’s the difference between Soft Taco and Taco El Fuego?

Soft Taco is Dairy Free and comes only with your choice of protein, cilantro, onion and salsa. When Taco El Fuego comes with your choice of protein, sour cream,cheese,guacamole, cilantro, onion and salsa. Both are GF.

Do you have GF options?

All our tacos are GF. We use organic yellow corn tortillas and white corn tortillas.

Do you have DF options?

 All items can be made Dairy Free.

Do you have veggie options?

We serve Veggie tacos and Veggie Healthy Bowl, which also can be Dairy Free.

What kind of fish comes in Fish Taco?

Our Fish Taco is made with Grilled Salmon.

What’s Zero Emission Super Burrito?

Our Super Burrito is made without rice. We stand for more meat, guac and cheese in the burrito :) But we have brown rice that can be added by your request.

What’s Keto Taco?

It's a low carb taco in which tortilla is made out of cheese.

What’s Al Pastor?

It’s seasoned and marinated pork with pineapple.

About Business

Do you do catering?

Yes, just e-mail us or call for the details.

Do you do delivery?

Yes, we are on UberEats and DoorDash.

Where “El Fuego” locates?

Just follow us on IG and Yelp to see where we are.

Do you have a restaurant?

Not yet.. But hopefully soon 🙃🔥